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Summertime - New Kids On The Block

Monday, July 14, 2008
ITS monday~ *yawn*
yea well.. haven been blogging.. coz..
i've spent my weekends to my fullest.. hahaha..
played Call of Duty 4.. yes.. again.. =.=
but hey.. nice games r worth playing n playing okay..
hahaha.. this time.. i finished the game within a day..
or less than that.. within a few hours.. hahaha..
oh well.. other than that.. i've been supporting piracy..
err.. okay.. the CoD4 oso pirated.. but.. haha..
i meant movies now.. been catching up with the past shows..
n some shows tt have nvr been shown b4..
hahaha.. um.. well.. i guess its not a gd thing to post whr i watch..
so yea.. i'll not publicise piracy.. hahaha..
well.. who doesnt do pirated things nowadays =|
but i feel tt juz dun go ard telling ppl abt it can liao =X

yup.. hahaha.. um.. other than that..
i'm playing WINNING ELEVEN!! lol..
i dunno y.. but i'm kinda addicted to it ordy..
yes.. i noe nuts bout soccer..
i didnt even noe how to play on PSP..
BUT!! now i noe how.. MUAHAHA!! i'm like so proud of myself =X
challenge me!! ANYBODY!! WAAHAHA =X
well.. u muz provide the PSP n the game =X
coz i cant take my bro's psp n say its mine XDD

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Sunday, July 13, 2008
OKAY!! haha.. its sunday..
MUSIC week.. lol.. featuring this week..
its actually.. SUMMERTIME - New Kids On The Block..
relavantly new song.. so yea.. check it out^^

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Monday, July 07, 2008
school day.. T.T
its supposed to be youth day man..
i was like.. walao eh.. how come so many kids like..
walking ard the neighbourhood.. duneed go school liddat..

oh well.. haha.. who told me to get to poly =X
i'm having some of the monday blues 2dae.. =(
feeling ever so crappy.. walked to the place to learn driving..
n i wondered y the instructor was late..
so i took out the schedule tingy..
n realised tt.. i was.. half n hour earlier =.=
well.. was actually 40min earlier.. lol..
so i kinda had no mood for the driving ting after that..
n i tell u.. dang!! so damn suay.. lol..
i had a record number of times.. when i nearly LANG-GAed out there..
maybe coz i was kinda lost in my dreams..
while driving.. hahaha..
okay.. i shall be more attentive by my nxt lesson..
i was so much better in the previous 1 la.. zzz..

but okay~ lol.. cant wait to get my own license..
so i can try driving ard to other places..
other than the same route every week.. =.=
sometimes twice a week =|

ahh well.. lol.. school was bad as usual..
i'll need to buck up on my studies ordy =|
coz its really sucky when u're in the tutorials..
n dun understand every single thing the lecturer says.. =|

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Sunday, July 06, 2008
i went to check out this webby..
n this is my result^^

Name: GuoLiang
Date: 7/6/2008
Colorgenics Number: 21706543

You are a very sensitive person and you try hard (perhaps a little too hard) to make favourable impressions and to be recognised by your peers. But you have that inherent need to feel appreciated and admired and you are easily hurt if all of your endeavours go by unappreciated or not acknowledged. Stop trying so hard.

You are totally dissatisfied with your present situation. Matters are not going right for you and you are seeking a means of escape. Your mental state of mind necessitates that you need to change your thinking patterns. Remember, if one particular modus operandi doesn't seem to work, then try something different.

You give the impression that you are a self-sufficient individual, pretending that you are stoical - indifferent to pain or pleasure. But this is not so, for in truth you are an extremely emotional person, one that may make hasty decisions and perhaps repent at leisure. It is time now perhaps to break the bond of detachment and become the real 'you' - the you that you would like to be.

Having experienced considerable disappointment of late and not knowing quite what to do about it this has led you to suffer a great deal of agitation and anxiety. You are trying very hard to make favourable impressions all round. You feel that you have a right to do anything that you wish without being condemned for your beliefs. Everything seems to be going against you and you feel helpless to change the situation. The possibility of failure is most upsetting and this situation is leading to untold stress. You honestly believe that the situation is not of your making - it is not your fault - you have been misled and abused by those that you trusted, but you are trying to look at the situation quite dispassionately. Would you perhaps not agree that this situation could be regarded as unrealistic self justification?

Overwork - be it mental stress or physical strain, you are completely worn out and this depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation. You feel disappointed with your obvious lack of energy and powerless to do anything about it. You are angry with yourself and this frustration shows. You are contradictory and argumentative and feel helpless to change the situation at this time. Take a break - even if it is only for a few days - allow yourself to breath, to unwind - you'll feel much better for it. Then trust and let go.

n i tink its kinda true for me.. haha.. go try it out^^

11:18 PM...walkAWAY

well.. i was kinda lazy to wait for all the uploads n stuffs..
esp blogger u noe.. n somehow..
okay.. lol.. so well.. check out what i managed to find out..
it didnt took me long to make them into a slideshow =X
coz it would look really messy for me when i put all the links here =X
so yep.. check this out =)

hahaha.. okay.. if u wan any of these pics..
dun hesitate to get frm me =)

hahaha.. okay.. so to get to the point..
instead of juz camwhoring.. there was like..
so many tings happening within that few hours..
okay la.. is not few actually =X

oh well.. woke up like.. 2pm on that day.. =X
was feeling sucky.. so nua all the way to 2pm =|
den had to like.. go meet up with ellson n wanteng..
which.. they ended up late as usual.. =X
supposed to meet 5pm at je.. ellson was early..
wanteng was late..
i waited at my hse mrt.. MUAHAHA!!
n i was early!! but set off late arh..
n went all the way to.. yishun..
find meh n augu n yijia..
but anw.. we werent the latest when we were there.. so yea..
wasnt all that bad.. coz..
we went to buy cake for guanjie 1st oso.. haha..

the whole grad night went on..
n my stomach was still empty at e end of it =X
after the cam-whoring n stuffs..
went cineleisure to catch a movie..
well.. yea.. went to BK 1st..
GAWD!! was i hungry.. lol..
learnt a new game while watching sanee n meh play.. =.=
err.. well.. it was.. kinda hard.. so i tink i better now play =X

okay.. guess wat.. we went to watch..
"21" at ard 2.30AM!! =.=
hahaa.. the show was kinda nice.. it has loads of stuffs..
which u wun understand.. LOL..
coz i tink they purposely say till damn hard..
so u wun be able to noe how to cheat in blackjack..
lol.. n well.. after the show..
we all went like..
SWEET!! +16.. Paycheck!! +15.. or smth.. i forgot >.<
n.. stroke the hair to get out of there.. lol..
it was a fun show.. so yea.. go watch it^^ its nice..

after the movie.. took some time to think of wat to do..
n we went all the way to centre point.. MAC!! lol..
oh well.. sanee weiyi were the 1st to knock out..
followed by ellson guanjie wanteng..
lol.. but it was kinda nice to juz sit in mac cafe..
the sofa u noe?? lol.. =|

oh well.. got the train home.. like ard..
6.30am.. haha.. but dang..
i felt like crap when i got home.. lol..
its early in the morning.. but i sweated while walking home..
reached ard like.. 7.30am.. wanted to slp so much..
but had to bathe.. lol..

n i knocked out frm 8am till..
8PM!! lol.. cool huh..
budden can wake up earlier 1.. but.. err.. yea..
i love to sleep.. so.. TOO BAD!! =P

9:46 PM...walkAWAY

Friday, July 04, 2008
well well.. its time i start to upload some pics..
so yea.. here r some pictures i had..
though not artistic.. but yea.. hahaha..

anw.. dun be fooled by these FOOD!!
they may look tasty.. but they ARE DEADLY!!
coz they suck - ed =|
oh well.. lol..

okay.. up nxt is my NEW SHOE!!

hahaha.. i tink most of u ordy noe tt my shoe is like..
OLD!! so yea.. after listening to "THE GREAT ESCAPE - Boys Like Girls"..
it told me to throw it away.. lol..
kiddin'.. but yea.. its time i get a new shoe too..
but i cant find my puma shoe i saw last time =|
n somehow.. i got this adidas shoe as a replacement..
until i find that shoe!! lol..

hahaha.. okay.. anw..
i'm like so happy man.. lol..
coz my driving instructor finally stopped nagging at me..
well.. at least for today.. hahaha..
coz i have a feeling tt i ordy passed driving..
n i've done all the tings he asked me to.. SO SMOOTHLY!!
den i left him speechles.. well.. cept for 1 bloody tight U-turn..
he nvr teach me b4 small U-turns.. coz he say duneed..
n he scolded me when i did a wide turning..
saying like..

Instructor: "WHY U DO WIDE TURNING?!?!"
Me: "err.. u only showed it to me.. nvr ask me turn b4.."
Instructor: "oh.. okay okay.. actually duneed 1.. coz wun be tested"
Me: *silenced*
Instructor: "turn right~"

okay.. well.. the turn right tingy.. dun bother =)
it juz means he asked me to go whr only.. lol..
but yea.. overall.. i'm proud of myself^^

10:10 PM...walkAWAY

OKAY!! i've updated the tingy^^
teh song is called..

I'M YOURS - Jason Mraz

haha.. i personally like this song..
coz.. its kinda light hearted^^
so i'm featuring this song for the week..
i'll change the song every sunday frm now on..
so this sunday not included..
well.. hope i rmb =X
if i nvr.. remind me^^

10:01 PM...walkAWAY

YO!! LOL!! i wanna change the imeem tingy so much..
but it juz wouldnt let me.. LOL Xd
coz i wanna change it to smth like..
haha.. so i'll juz go online to find those songs..
to be played on my blog every week.. so..
apparantly.. imeem scammed me.. so yea.. hahaha..
gotta wait awhile alrights?? hahaha..

meanwhile.. i wun be touching the songs tiz week.. lol..
n i can go recap on how to post the html tingy.. =X

9:21 PM...walkAWAY

Tuesday, July 01, 2008
yes.. i nvr post again.. but!!
i'm juz being a good kid^^ *holy lights*
haha.. coz i'm currently still having tests..
so yea.. i'm studying nowadays =)
shall post after my this thursday..
or maybe friday..
or maybe.. err... when i have the time^^
as u can see.. this week i'm packed^^

mon - MM AGM
tue - Studying for test
wed - CADC AGM + Studying for test
thur - Studying before test + Fluid Mech Test
fri - Driving lesson + maybe shopping
sat - grad night
sun - sleep

well.. actually isnt really that packed..
coz i kinda need some time to play some games too ya? Xd
hahaha.. n i'm somehow back to playing solitaire >.<
yes it sucks.. but hey.. it nvr fails to amuse me..
esp when i'm bored.. hahaha Xd

so yep.. ciaos all.. for like.. a few days^^
shall rmb to take some photos n post here.. (if possible)

10:59 PM...walkAWAY

Saturday, June 28, 2008
LFG* for movies!!
ahaha.. hmm.. wonder if any1 wanna date me out *shy*
LOL!! no la.. i juz wanna noe if any1 wanna watch the following..

2. Get Smart
3. Hancock

well.. contact me if u guys wanna watch ya??
provided u dun mind watching with me along.. lol..
dun mind movie marathons or single movies =)
but ya.. =| i'm not treating YOU!! lol..

*LFG = Looking For Group XDD

2:13 AM...walkAWAY